EJBCA - Open Source PKI Certificate Authority

Latest Releases

If you have problems with any of the download links below or need older releases, try to download through the SourceForge download page.

EJBCA Community is available for download.
SHA1 checksum: a3871ee57b6751e9b2d0bb1ff1e7b27defeb62cf
SHA256 checksum: 85a53bd769284089de4bdc45583d6ef85c40db8825863f87f0a8fdff31c7b8b0

Cert-cvc library 1.4.5 with support for EAC 2.10 Access Control Templates is now available for download.
SHA1 checksum: 85a1a9db297af9d7992d2e0250f8daf15ba22a76
SHA256 checksum: ef17cd36074a3e7adb756587b927ddb90f0db730eb6cbd50aba18b40f35acc03

Virtual Machine for Testing

Get a feeling for, and start testing, EJBCA easily by downloading and running our EJBCAv6 VM, currently running EJBCA Community 6.10. The VM features a full EJBCA Community v6 install, running on WildFly 10 and Java 8, using a MariaDB database backend. It comes with a readme file with instructions and some usage hints. The VM is a 2.5GB VirtualBox OVA, but can easily be converted to run on KVM and VWware.

The VM should not be used in production as admin keys are pre-generated, i.e. identical on all VMs, and the image is not hardened for production.
Have fun!


The official "secure" delivery of EJBCA source code is in the repository using svn over https. The certificate is issued to cesecore.eu, which was the consortium behind the Common Criteria certification of EJBCA.
In the SVN repository you can also find the hashes of release zip files in the history of the file doc/xdocs/site/index.xml.

If you are an Enterprise customer, you may also get an official release from PrimeKey.

Help and Support

You can find both free and commercial support offerings at the Contact & Support page.

Older Releases

Download any of the source packages from Sourceforge.